Only after thousand days’ toil, the name JookJangYeon is allowed.

200 days to grow soybeans
Which wait 24 hours in storage,
And soaked in water for another 24 hours.
Boiled in gamasot(cauldron) for 6 hours,
Soybeans simmer for another 2 hours,
Thoroughly cooked and crushed to form meju,
Then meju blocks are tied up with rice straw ropes
To undergo 50 days of drying and 20 days of fermentation.
Finally, meju is joined with Shinan sun-dried salt that has been rid of bittern.

And then…

Standing in brine for another 60 days, fermented liquids and solids are separated
Only to be further fermented for at least 2 more years
So that it can finally be called ‘JookJangYeon.’
Opening up prematurely will result in ordinary fermented soybean paste.
Yet, if you can be so patient and wait and wait for long enough time,
Then and only then you will have ‘JookJangYeon,’
A thousand-daywait culminating in the jeontongjang above jeontongjang.