Introducing JookJangYeon Farm, where JookJangYeon’s premier products are made and lovingly cared for.

What makes JookJangYeon Farm special?

Jeontongjang, a representative fermented food, can differ widely in its taste depending on the ingredients used to make it and the environment it was kept in for fermentation and aging. Soybeans and chili peppers produced in Jookjang and its neighboring area are as famous for its quality as the cool and clear water that stream through the region.

JookJangYeon purchases soybeans and chili peppers it needs through region’s agricultural cooperative, sourcing 100% locally grown products, and uses carefully filtered natural bedrock water pumped from 200 meters under to make jang. In the valley of Sangsa-ri, where JookJangYeon Farm is located, not a single ray of sunlight goes wasted from dawn till dusk, and the ceaselessly blowing East Sea breeze and the valley wind hike up and down the peaked mountains to keep us company.

Jukjjangyeon is 100 % in the region, beans and chili through regional farmers ’ cooperatives is being used as raw materials, and purchased 200 water pumps in the basement m Soak refined by field one more.
Sangsa-ri jukjjangyeon villas are located, also valley until the minute from the moment the sun rises Wouldn’t miss a handful of the sun and mountain valley rim of the Hawaiian East Sea and wind blows without a break.